Manchester MedX & The Students Behind It

Manchester MedX & The Students Behind It

Last week, our co-founder & chief troublemaker Tariq, had a chat with Claire from Manchester Science Partnerships, one of our main partners! They talked about how it all came about, this years “Future of Healthcare” Conference and our plans going forward! Have a read below:

“Three years ago, a group of medical students from the University of Manchester got together to talk about the need for a platform in Manchester to discuss new innovations in healthcare.

In an effort to move away from the standard textbook way of learning, Tariq Ramtoola andConnor Mclaughlin joked about running their own conference which would bring the medical student community together and allow problem-solving and engaging discussion to take place.

A few months later, these medical students established themselves as ‘Manchester MedX’, holding their first stand alone conference at Citylabs in 2014 with 60 attendees. Today, the Manchester MedX conference attracts over 300 people, from medical students and entrepreneurs, to industry experts and globally acclaimed academic speakers. The success of these MedX conferences led to the creation of ‘ReThinkX’ last October, set up by Tariq, Connor and Mehfuz Patel, who wanted ReThinkX to act as the main umbrella brand to all their events.

So, who is ReThinkX and what does it do?” Read More

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