Transformative Potential Of Healthcare Showcased at Citylabs 1.0

Transformative Potential Of Healthcare Showcased at Citylabs 1.0

Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP) hosted an interactive and engaging conference on the potential for innovative technologies to transform healthcare, at its Citylabs 1.0 facility, on Saturday 25 March.

Entitled ‘Manchester MedX: The Future of Healthcare’, free to attend for students, and now in its third year, the conference is the brainchild of University of Manchester medical students; Tariq Ramtoola, Connor Mclaughlin and Mehfuz Patel, and is one of several events ran by their community interest company, ReThinkX.

Attended by more than 300 delegates, MedX showcases the technologies at the forefront of healthcare, and allows for meaningful collaboration between globally acclaimed experts and a thriving Manchester student community with an international reputation for innovation.

Breaking from the traditional conference format, the programme blends interactive lectures, workshops and demonstrations of the latest developments in healthcare.

This year’s event attracted internationally renowned experts, with the standout speaker and biomedical ageing researcher, Aubrey de Grey, who talked of ‘challenging the perceptions of ageing’, and passionately believes that the ageing process can be halted. Read More

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