Our  Core Events

Manchester MedX

Established conferences in the healthcare field are currently focussed on narrow or highly technical specialties within medicine, and are often inaccessible to students and those with a casual interest in health due to their extortionate price tags. Manchester MedX changes all of this. We bring together students, academics, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to showcase innovations and ideas on the future of healthcare in the incredible Manchester CityLabs setting, for free. A raft of international and local speakers go alongside unique workshops and demonstrations from student and business groups, and our distinctive xSolve event rounds off the day with a rapid prototyping competition with some incredible prizes up for grabs…


xSolve is a calendar of regular and one-off intensive hackathons where students, academics, entrepreneurs and industry persons work together to solve problems and build solutions. In our hackathons we aim to guide participants through a series of stages that start with presentation of a problem, challenge or opportunity to the presentation of a worked solution. By bringing together a diverse group with drive, knowledge, expertise and capacity we will will work to leverage the knowledge, ideas and solutions into real world applications and products which advance innovation and further health.


Through a series of roundtables, meetings, debates and online content curation, xHorizons will discuss the latest thinking, trends and advances in health and aims to empower future ideas and new paradigms by connecting thought leaders, broad knowledge bases and a diverse range of curious minds. xHorizons will function primarily as an information distribution and exchange forum for persons of multiple disciplines and backgrounds who normally operate in separate spheres but have a shared interest in innovation and health. We hope that this distribution and sharing in a open, multi-disciplinary environment will encourage collaboration and relationships between professionals.