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By its very nature, healthcare is deeply personal and so, in contrast to other industries, successful adoption and change can only happen when there is familiarity and informed perceptions from both a practitioner and patient perspective.


At ReThinkX we start and end our day thinking about how we can get all stakeholders to  engage.

For Students

Jenny is a soon-to-be graduate that wants to expand her opportunities by attending healthcare-related events but she doesn’t want to be bored by lackluster discussions, or break the bank in going to them.


Take your first step in your journey
  • Join us at our free to attend events
  • Discover emerging technologies and innovations shaping healthcare
  • Learn that we are an interdisciplinary community learning from each other
  • Gain access to and insights from industry experts
  • Engage with technologies and tools to solve problems with your own ideas

For Organisations

As healthcare systems across the world are being restructured, rethought, and redesigned, there is an opportunity to embed core technologies and innovative practices which will deliver a sustainable transformation. By providing platforms for earlier engagement, the true potential of these opportunities can be met.


Partnering with us enables you to: 
  • Engage with students from diverse backgrounds
  • Develop brand awareness and familiarity at an early stage
  • Gain insights from future users, practitioners and service designers.
  • Work with our users to leverage fresh ideas to generate novel solutions
  • Share your expertise at our event and through our content stream

Better Outcomes For Healthcare

Healthcare innovation is largely driven by multidisciplinary collaboration. Our community brings together the next generation of clinicians, entrepreneurs, artists, engineers and service designers and empowers them to solve some of the most pressing challenges faced by the industry. This means that solutions are generated from diverse perspectives and skills sets. Our partnerships with several organisations together with the involvement of industry experts in our events creates further opportunities for our network.